The CityBase Platform

Uniform Payment

A digital storefront for everyone

Today, there are as many different places and ways to pay as there are services and utilities to pay for.

CityBase makes it easy for people to see and manage all of their local or state business in one place — online, on the phone or in person at a payment center. Streamlining the process means more people pay, more quickly.


Permits without the paper cuts

Buying property, starting businesses, organizing community events — these are the engines of a healthy economy.

CityBase helps agencies and utilities digitize activities like property searches and permit applications. That way, staff members can spend time promoting growth instead of directing traffic, and can focus on implementing policy rather than processing paperwork.


A new way to navigate your government

We organize information into tasks and topics that make it easier for people to find what they're looking for, and show more services.

Now, residents have one place to find information on everything from street festivals to road conditions, without having to know which agency is in charge.


Less postage, more personal

When every agency handles its own communication and mailing lists, the envelopes pile up. Residents get overwhelmed and miss notices they actually need.

Through CityBase, people can create profiles and decide how they get updates and how often. Agencies can reach exactly the right audience, through the right channel, and even start conversations with residents.


A tailored experience for every individual

CityBase harnesses the power of data to help agencies and utilities tailor services and outreach to an individual's needs.

Residents can be informed of programs that benefit them: tax deductions, social services, neighborhood school application dates. And planners can use information like live transportation data to help make zoning decisions.

Government technology is evolving. The future is scalable, repeatable, and sustainable.

We design solutions that are:



Good technology is easy to use — and government must reach everyone. We build tools that are accessible to anyone, from any device.



We're not just a pretty face. Our solutions help people find information they want and get services they need.



We're transforming service delivery from one-to-many to one-to-one. We keep information up to date by design.



Our platform and products evolve. We plan for the future of your organization and the future of technology.

We're innovators, problem solvers, and thought partners.

Collaborate with us to build intelligent government.